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Sometimes a business person needs an experienced, fresh set of eyes to asses a business process running inefficient. Sometimes a business person cannot get the message across to financial or technical people. And sometimes everything is formerly correct, but the way it’s presented just makes everybody walk away.

I believe a lot of inefficiencies can be solved by looking at them differently. It all starts with focus. Focus reduces complexity and sharpens the outcome. Focus solves the main thing properly instead of many things sub optimal. Focus makes it easy to clearly communicate and understand deliverables.

My professional life is all about making other business people as effective and efficient as possible.


In 1997, right after getting my econometric degree at Rotterdam University, I started working as a freelance consultant for small and medium sized companies. The goal was always to improve people’s efficiency and effectiveness. Ever since, well known local subsidiaries of multinational companies have done recurrent consultancy and lightweight application development projects with me. The combination of my skills has turned out to be my differentiator: analytical consultant, IT architect / programmer, and eloquent solution presenter.


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